Merry Christmas to Our Missing!

Merry Christmas to Our Missing!

Merry Christmas to Our Missing!

Merry Christmas to Our Missing!

Soon it will be Christmas and somewhere someone is missing.
A father is down on his knees begging while placing presents around a tree.
A mother stops at a bedroom door, wishing to tuck a child in once more.
A grandparent is wrapping gifts, yet pleading for answers and justice.
A daughter is sitting on Santa’s lap asking for only her mom back.
A son is playing video games to drown out tears of a father disappeared.
A brother is hunting with friends to camouflage the pain within.
A sister is setting the table, teary eyes, a plate and a blessing for the missing.
A husband is watching a game, missing the score,
hiding anger around his wife’s last trip to the store.
A wife is holding it together for the day,
but tonight she’ll cry, pray, and research till morning.
Friends and communities are delivering cookies with a smile,
placing a missing person flyer in windows hoping it’ll be worthwhile.
Gifts will be exchanged and gratitude for the reason of the day.
but one thing remains,
prayers for a miracle to see a familiar face in a doorway.
So as we all enjoy the day,
be aware that somewhere behind a happy expression
someone is lighting a candle, wishing for the answer
to a long awaited question.

Where is the Missing?
“Search For Me, Find Me”


More to come for the closing of 2018, simply awaiting answers for three questions from the wonderful David Marshburn and Marsha Ward.

Coming Soon:

  • Active Cases, Involved Cases, & Closed Cases
  • Fundraisers
  • Will it be a Valentines Day Ball or our first Spring Gala

Current Fundraiser Update:

Cyndi Lauper – we are not there yet.  David will do a live performance with dress attire to “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” if we raise $5000 by the end of the year.

Help Find a Missing Person, $1 or $1,000, your help is appreciated by not only Search For Me Foundation, but the families we help. We couldn’t do without people like you!

Coming soon on the website will show how funding is used to find a missing person.


VOLUNTEERS – Other Ways We Need Your Help

Consider completing the Volunteer Form by click on this link including your area of expertise or choice.

Future Needs

  1. Art Work, Crafters or New items for an auction.
  2. Community Area Leaders (help with picking up items and delivering as well as promoting awareness on missing persons in your area)
  3. Caterer
  4. Event Venue
  5. Florist
  6. Bartenders
  7. Servers
  8. Fundraiser Leaders (create community fundraisers)
  9. Fundraiser Participants (willing to help but does not want to be in charge)
  10. Searchers
  11. If you have a connection with a winery or brewery, donations would be great for the upcoming event.
  12. Last but not least, More VOICES for the missing.


We are the voices of the missing

We are the…

V. Volunteers

O. Observers

I. Investigators (leave the dangerous for the pros)

C. Community Communicators

E. Explore, Evaluate, & Educate 

S. Search, Support, & Share



David Marshburn- “I’m Gonna Do A Live”
Marsha Ward- “It’ll Be Fun, They Said”
Chris Thomas- to David “David, grab hold of my belt loop n I’ll take you to the top”
Donna Allen as of now- “Answer My Questions”
Hunter Glass- “I Can Handle the Media”

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