Missing Donna Kay Cloud

Missing Donna Kay Cloud

Missing Donna Kay Cloud

Part I

Missing Person, Donna Kay Cloud, age 19 at time she went missing. Last seen October 25, 2016 in Splendora, TX. Brown hair, brown eyes, 5′ – 5’2″, 95-110 lbs.

History of Donna Kay Cloud

Donna Kay Cloud was raised from the time she was three months old by her paternal grandparents and was even named after grandmother. Her friends and some family feel she dealt with deep rooted issues from her biological parents. We dare not judge. Regardless, it was obvious Donna had faith, even had a tattoo on her arm with the word “faith”. Donna also has the following tattoos as well, “Love Is Enough” and “God is within her, She Will Not Fail”~46:5

Donna is a young Mother that loved and cared for her six year old son. In the months prior, Donna had been hospitalized on what appeared to be an overdose. With inquiring, things may not always be what they seem. However during this time, the father was granted custody of the child and she would only get supervised visitation. Donna had recently gotten a job but we were told there had been a dispute about her needing to give her Dad, Darrell, $400 the day she went missing.

Donna’s Dad, Darrell had not been a part of her life until very recent due to his own battle with life. View the videos and make your own decision. There are many mixed messages given since Donna went missing as well as a letter Donna had written to her Dad the day she was last seen. 

“There is a huge void in my life that was caused by you. You say stay away from thugs and the bad boy type, but how am I supposed to know how to be treated or what to look for in a man when the thug and bad boy life was the only example you set for me”

Circumstances & Theories

Donna had an abusive ex-boyfriend Blake that would possibly be pulling time over domestic violence had she not gone missing. Blake did pass a polygraph and is not a suspect.

Donna had received threatening phone calls from another guy, Kyle Ferguson a.k.a. KayyDubbs. In a recorded message Kayy Dubb says, she was not about this life, he was trying to scratch her back and her scratch his, that he would have his girlfriend smash her “TOO”.  To my knowledge Kyle or girlfriend Amanda has never been interviewed, or polygraphed, or a suspect.

We have been told but were unable to verify that Donna had recently moved in with her father, who had once been in the same jail as one of the two men that Donna was last seen with. One of those men were Carter Meyer, while in jail on another charge, he confessed to picking Donna up from her home the day she wanting missing. He said his roommate Aubrey Schultz was with him. Keep in mind, that these men were more than double her age. Aubrey had told an investigator he would answer one question. The question was, Where is Donna Kay Cloud. He quoted bits and pieces of Genesis 22, where God test Abraham and the sacrifice of his son Isaac. Aubrey later tells that Carter dropped Donna back off. When asked, he admitted to dropping her back off but he did not feel she was planning to stay because she had been on the phone trying to get someone else to pick her up.

Donna’s phone has not been recovered but was turned on again at a later date and connected to an internet service near the area she supposedly went missing from. The cell phone was being used after Donna’s disappearance by connecting to WIFI internet much like tablets are used. There are Google searches and YouTube searches were done in November 2016. The content of those searches are not those of a 19 year old female and friends do not believe those searches were made by Donna. Her cell was charged on December 16, 2016 and the battery was at 51% meaning someone had been charging it. The battery died on the 18th and this was after Detective Mullis went to the location and ask if Donna was there. He was told No and he left. Private Investigator, Randi Jo Strickland had given the detective the location on Gerry Drive in Conroe, Texas.

On October 25, 2016
Donna turns on her Facebook Location Tracker and her first location is recorded slightly after 9

PMGoogle Searches
305am “Snapchat”
4am “Unlimited NotePad” (used to write an emotional in depth letter to dad)
842pm “Snapchat”

Last Friends Accepted on Facebook just before or after midnight the 26th:
Carter Meyer, Kayy Dubb aka Kyle Ferguson and a Jordan Peidra.

October 27, 2016
1251am Facebook Searches for two friends
Google Searches
107am “spectrum”
249am “Hillary clinton heckler”

November 3, 2016
Google Searches
1212pm “climate control hoax”

November 8, 2016
Google Searches
359pm “prius drivers meme” (Was someone possibly driving a Toyota Prius during this time?)
411pm “900 x 16 ndt tires”

November 14, 2016
Google Searches
106pm “stock tire size for”
“9.00 x20 military”
111pm “9.00 x20 military tire diameter”
112pm “m35a2 fording depth”
121pm “deuce and a half fording”
“ben carson declines”

***November 30, 2016***
Google searches performed includes search for www.vesselfinder.com at 1058am (who and why would they be searching for a certain vessel location) Could this be Drugs or Trafficking maybe? 


Local Investigator, Randi Jo Strickland has asked for the help of Search For Me Foundation. David has not officially taken the case but we have been involved and helping as best we can.

~Donna Allen

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