Part II – Update

Donna Kay Cloud, missing from Splendora, TX, age 19 (at time of missing) was last seen October 25, 2016.  There has been recent confusion of whether Donna Kay Cloud has been found after a family member told a local family friend and Private Investigator Randi Jo Strickland that there was no need for her to continue searching or following up on leads and that justice would be served.

Contact from the family member came the day after a Facebook live update on DKC May 22, 2019.  In that live, PI Strickland explains her frustration and unanswered attempts to get a response from Detective Keith Echols with Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.  She needed him to give his blessing to search a piece of land.  Although the landowner is okay with the search, his due diligence needed the Detective to sign off on it.  In this live, admin and PI Randi Jo Strickland ask if some of Donna’s friends and followers would call Detective Echols in hopes for a response since the land was to be logged soon.  After several calls had been made the family member reaches out to Randi Jo to say she was contacted by Echols asking her to make a post to the group page, leaving us to assume he wanted the calls to stop.

The post appeared to be nothing more than an apology for not being honest with the PI/ family friend the last few months as well as how the detective had been in contact with her.  In response to the post and comments, the PI attempted to explain the conversation had with that family member.  From there it created a Jerry Springer-like attack on the family member, the PI, and admins of the group.  Since then, the posts have been removed and the Team Donna group is private and currently closed to new members.  There is still an active Team Donna Kay page where there will be public updates, but the group will be held as private for the moment.

After speaking with PI, Strickland, she said her conversation with the family member was that her pursuit to locate Donna Kay Cloud and bring justice if need be was no longer needed.  She said this confused followers by the posts that were exchanged as to whether Donna Kay Cloud had been found if there was no need to search. Strickland explains that no post ever said Donna had been found, but it did make others assume that.  What was said, to hear what the family member was saying, there was no need for her to search or follow up on any other leads that there were things she could not be told at this time.  PI Strickland says family member responded with she was torn and sorry but the Detective was handling everything including a lead that came from the page.  Strickland further explained how she had tried to keep the lines of communication open with the detective in hopes they were working together for closure.  However after numerous attempts to connect with Echols, she was left to assume Donna’s case could be going cold.

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PI  Strickland shares with us the many times she has been frustrated when the detective wouldn’t follow up on leads but that she had tried to be respective. Stating that even prior to receiving her investigator’s license, she had located an area in which Donna Kay Cloud’s phone pinged weeks after she had gone missing.  Pleading with the detective to check this out.  Prior Detective Mullis went to the location, knocked on the door and asked if Donna was there, was told no and he left. She also explained how there were google searches during the time the phone was cut back on that would not have been searches done by Donna.  Strickland shared leads and interviews she had followed up on.

With all this being said, Strickland says the family member stated per Detective Echols, that he was investigating a lead that came from the page but was not the ones that had been mentioned previously.

So here again, 1 – we have family and friends of a missing loved one blindly waiting and hoping the detective has information that is being withheld due to the investigation, 2 – assume if Donna Kay Cloud has been found, 3 – if there was indeed foul play, 4 -if there is a suspect, or 5 – is this simply another attempt at a Detective shutting out a Private Investigator that has done hours of work and placed well developed leads into their hands only to be shut down when closure is near.

Search For Me Foundation receives several requests weekly from loved ones requesting the help of Private Investigator, David Marshburn and his partner, Private Investigator, Marsha Ward.  The foundation is run by donations to aid in the expenses of finding missing persons.  Randi Jo Strickland reached out to Search For Me Foundation almost a year ago and although we had not confirmed the foundation would go, I have been in contact weekly, keeping abreast of new leads, our file up to date, and even helping out with Donna Kay Cloud’s group page when time allowed.

I did attempt to reach the family member through Facebook messenger but had not heard back at the time of this posting.

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