Involved Cases


As we are actively working cases there are times in which we have to be patient and wait on a situation to come to fruition prior to making the next move to search.  During our team meetings and traveling for active cases, we discuss other cases that families have sent in on their missing persons.

We offer a fresh set of eyes.  David Marshburn has been successful in guiding someone to the missing person if the right and thorough information has been sent in.

We also create Flyers for this missing person with our contact information. We list a few more details than the basic flyers.  We have received tips when not actively working the case.  People will send information to us if they do not want to send to local Law Enforcement.

If you are the family of a missing person and would like us to view the case, please submit the online form to add a missing person

Due to the little time we have, we can’t go view every podcast or video, but we try. Timelines, people involved, social media pages, cell phone pings, are all examples of what helps us to view the case.  The less time we have to hunt the information down the better.


The cases you see below are not active cases.  They are cases where we have taken time to be involved in some way.  The family has submitted the online missing person form and we’ve had correspondence as to how we can help.

Currently being updated to add more and the information on each.

Roger Champers

Donna Kay Cloud

Billy Gene Hammonds

Kent Jacobs