Our History


In 2012 one of the Founders of Search For Me Foundation, David T. Marshburn, became a Licensed PI. Due to his unique gift, tracking people, Mr. Marshburn decided to locate a missing soldier, Kelli Bordeaux. This was Mr. Marshburn’s first official PI case. Long story short, after two years, One Month, and One Day of Kelli’s exact date from going missing, Mr. Marshburn located Kelli’s remains. (Also had the one responsible for her death, Nick Holbert, confess and he is now serving life without parole.)

After that case, Mr. Marshburn went on to help several more families. All with a certain degree of success ie. (evidence, confessions, recovery of remains/body, etc…)

In 2017 Mr. Marshburn started working on the Cole Thomas case. During this time, Mr. Marshburn and another one of Search For Me Foundation Founders, Chris Thomas, developed a strong bond. Chris Thomas is the father of Missing Cole Thomas. It was during this time, Mr. Thomas watched and noticed how Mr. Marshburn operated; banging on doors, talking with person’s of interest, working tirelessly day in and day out without resting, and mainly using tactics that LE would or could not use. It made Mr. Thomas feel better physically and emotionally that someone was actually doing something positive to help his family.

This is when Mr. Thomas came to Mr. Marshburn with the idea to form a Non-Profit together. Being that Mr. Thomas personally has gone through such a tragedy of his own son missing, how Law Enforcement would not update the family with any information or developments, Mr. Thomas knew right then, he did not want other families to go through that same torture and pain of not knowing what was going on, and with Mr. Marshburn’s help, the two of them could put together a Non-Profit that would get results. “Results that matter, when result’s matter the most!”

Search For Me Foundation was formed! Search For Me Foundation will help families with Professional help in locating their lost loved one. Whether it is Private Investigators, Searchers, Certified K-9’s/ Handlers, Divers, or even consulting. Search For Me Foundation will select a few Missing Person cases at a time. Due to the high volume of  Missing Person cases, Search For Me Foundation cannot take every case and be successful. This is why there are so many unsolved Missing Person cases to date. Search For Me Foundation will review every Missing Person application made by family members at their Board of Directors meetings, once a month. As cases are solved or exhausted, a new case will be chosen at the Board of Directors meeting. As the Foundation grows, more cases will be simultaneously worked on. Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We know you could be doing something more entertaining for yourself but instead, you chose to visit us and we appreciate that. Feel free to look around, make a comment, or join our Volunteer list.

Again, Thank you, enjoy, and God bless!

Our Team

David Marshburn

David Marshburn

Founder/ Director of Investigations

Chris Thomas

Founder/Director of Search & Recovery Operations

Marsha Ward

Director of Case Management & Leads


Director of Office Operations

Veronica Griggs

Assistant Director to Operations

Hunter Glass

Director of Public Relations and Media

Donna Allen

Development Director

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